Maraging Partners expect lower EUR/RUB by the end of Q1 2014

Sunday, 19 January 2014 16:56

Maraging Partners, a Moscow-based currency consultancy, have published their market view for Q1 of 2014. The report covers EUR/USD, USD/RUB, and EUR/RUB, and combines news-based and quantitative approaches. Maraging Partners, who went on record ignoring "QE tapering" in Q3, now expect lower EUR/RUB and USD/RUB by the end of Q1 2014: "We think that the search for the new stability is fraught with new outbursts of volatility, FX markets included, in Q1 of 2014. At the same time, to bet that the analysis of the events around Europe and BRICS and their media coverage will create renewed demand for USD and US Treasury instruments, able to replace the shrinking -- due to the QE tapering -- Fed demand, looks to us like a thankless job and a risky gamble."

See full text of the report on the Maraging Partners web site.


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