Trading system output and performance reports

Trading System

A live forecasting system operating on daily time scale, Danica, is online since late December 2009.

Due to high load on this server, since June 2015, trading system output is published only on Blogspot.

Our progress reports on the trading system development are in: Forex trading system: are we there yet?Please stay tuned by RSS/Atom or login registration.

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  • Heidi   ( 40 Articles )

    Heidi is an experimental free (payless but closed source) predictive model with hourly frequency of updates. Heidi's initial announcement briefly outlines the "philosophy" behind it; system output is explained in a separate note. To avoid delays which are possible due to server-side caching (new URLs may be slow to appear in lists and menus), use RSS to subscribe to the forecasts.

    Performance figures of merit may include back-testing data, depending on the time interval for which such figures are quoted.

    You have to reload the page to pull updates from the server -- your browser won't do that for you. This is Web 1.0 technology.

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