Danica has been upgraded to v1.3

Written by Forex Automaton   
Sunday, 01 April 2012 14:40

This upgrade is affecting the way forecasts are generated, in certain situations. In the previous versions, when the predicted close comes out to be above the predicted high, the system would not touch the high, but instead would adjust the close so that the adjusted close is half way between the original one and the high. Similar algorithm would be applied when the predicted close comes out to be below the predicted low.  

In version 1.3, in this situation, we pull down the high so that it equals the close, or we pull up the low so that it equals the close.

The new way is more consistent with my understanding of relatively high prediction quality of high and low as a mundane phenomenon related to continuity of price in the diffusion process, as explained. There is no reason to treat information in the predicted close as secondary priority to that in the extremes, yet that is what took place before this upgrade.

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