Danica is upgraded to version 1.0

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Monday, 14 June 2010 07:35

This is a major upgrade.

  • A "feature" (or more specifically, a way of using third-party library objects) responsible for gradual deterioration of accuracy in the persistent-object mode of operation (when objects are stored on disk in between program executions) has been eliminated. This feature has not been used in the optimization runs, when the objects remain in memory throughout execution. Thus, theoretically it might account for a difference between "expected" (on the basis of back-testing) and actual performance. However, the effect is minor compared to the scale of natural random uncertainties for the duration of the live operation of the system so far.

  • The Fred parameter has been changed from 28 to 33 to maximize predictability (measured by Pearson correlation coefficient of predicted and actual logarithmic increases) of daily highs and lows. The effect of this change on the forecasting quality for daily close is uncertain. This decision was made after a system optimization study demonstrated high temporal stability of optimization curves for daily lows and highs, and lack of such stability for daily close, implying the pointlessness of trying to strike a compromise between being able to predict daily extremes on the one hand and daily close on the other.

  • Number of time scales used in forecasting is changed from 3 to 5.

  • More informative titles, based on the specifics of the forecasts, will be assigned to the forecasts, starting with this version.

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