Have the Forex markets been efficient?

A series of articles about correlation features of individual currency pairs and their combinations. 

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1 Market Correlations. FORTS Derivatives Market Diagnostics. September 2014 Forex Automaton
2 TRY (Turkish Lira) intermarket correlation: USD/TRY follows EUR/JPY Forex Automaton
3 TRY intermarket correlation: USD/TRY follows AUD/JPY Forex Automaton
4 TRY intermarket correlation: USD/TRY follows AUD/USD Forex Automaton
5 TRY correlations review, 2010-2012 Forex Automaton
6 Foreign Exchange correlations and inefficiency update, July 2012 Forex Automaton
7 Does Forex evolve towards efficiency? Forex Automaton
8 Introducing CERCSI, the correlation-based forex correlation strength index Forex Automaton
9 Introducing CERPI, the correlation-based forex inefficiency index Forex Automaton
10 Heidi performance review Forex Automaton
11 CAD and oil hour-scale correlation: it's safer to rely on CAD Forex Automaton
12 Forex scalping: AUD/JPY under the microscope Forex Automaton
13 GBP/USD and USD/CHF 2004-2008: symmetric predictive correlation Forex Automaton
14 GBP/JPY and USD/CHF 2004-2008: weak correlation, no forecasting potential Forex Automaton
15 EUR/JPY and USD/CHF 2004-2008: EUR/JPY is the leader. Forex Automaton
16 EUR/GBP and USD/CHF 2004-2008: "trivial" intermarket correlation Forex Automaton
17 EUR/AUD and USD/CHF 2004-2008: "trivial" intermarket correlations Forex Automaton
18 CHF/JPY and USD/CHF intermarket correlations, 2004-2008. CHF/JPY is the leader. Forex Automaton
19 AUD/USD and USD/CHF intermarket correlations, 2004-2008 Forex Automaton
20 AUD/JPY and USD/CHF intermarket correlation, 2004-2008. Forex Automaton
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