MaRaging Partners expect weaker USD by the end of Q2 2015

Tuesday, 05 May 2015 16:58

"Seven out of twelve voting seats at FOMC belong to the FRS board members and five -- to the regional presidents. One of these five is permanently assigned to the new york Fed president. Obama's appointment of two board members to the two FOMC vacancies along with the rotation of two regional presidents -- hawkish dissidents Fisher and Plosser have left the committee -- can result in softer FOMC rhetoric in 2015.

Out of two alternatives -- dollar bursts first and the US stock market follows or the US stock market bursts first -- the first one is preferable. Otherwise, risk aversion amid falling stock market will strengthen the already strong dollar, creating an extra shock for the US economy."

See full text of the report on the MaRaging Partners web site.

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